Best Way to Reheat Grilled Chicken

Freshly grilled chicken has no comparison in flavor and deliciousness. There is nothing like that freshly cooked, moist, tender texture, which has the chicken almost melt into your bite as you eat it.

It’s no wonder parents always warn us as children not to let our food go cold, as it just doesn’t taste as good after a while.

The problem comes when you’ve cooked too much chicken, and you have leftovers. Initially, it should sound great, more chicken for another day, right?

But reheated chicken loses all its moisture and instead is tough, hard to chew, and nowhere near as nice or enjoyable to eat.

However, there is hope! If you properly reheat the chicken, it doesn’t lose as much moisture or quality, meaning you can enjoy it almost as much as when you ate it freshly cooked!

There are two main ways to reheat your grilled chicken: with the oven or with the microwave. The oven method is always better, and as a general rule, you should try and always reheat food with the oven.

But we understand that sometimes, you’re just in a rush or don’t have enough time, and the microwave is a lot faster and a lot less effort!

Reheating with the Oven

What you’ll need:

  • A chicken piece or pieces you wish to reheat
  • Baking sheet or baking tray
  • Aluminum foil
  • Olive oil
  • Any additional seasonings you wish to add for flavoring

Step 1:

Start by preheating your oven to 325 F.
Prepare your baking sheet by placing a layer of aluminum foil on top. It should be big enough to surpass the edges by a significant amount.

Get the piece of chicken you wish to reheat and place it on the center of the baking sheet. Then you take the aluminum foil that has surpassed the edges, and you use it to wrap the chicken piece, so it’s completely covered.

Step 2:

Place the baking sheet in the preheated oven and allow for it to warm until the inside of the chicken reaches 165F on a meat thermometer, as is recommended by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Step 3:

Enjoy your reheated chicken!

Pro Tip:

To make sure the chicken skin regains its crispiness and flavor, you can add a light layer of olive oil onto the chicken before you wrap it in the aluminum foil to be preheated.

Once it’s reheated, add some extra seasoning to get that extra rush of flavor that will make it taste freshly cooked!

Reheating with the Microwave

What you’ll need:

  • Chichen piece or pieces that you wish to reheat
  • Microwave-safe dish or plate
  • Microwave-safe covering plastic
  • Sauce or liquid-based flavoring
  • Any extra seasoning you wish to add.

Step 1:

Place your chicken on a plate or dish. You need to make sure it’s a microwave-safe plate or dish, as you don’t want any accidents or explosions in the process of re-heating a bit of chicken!

If you’re reheating more than one piece of chicken, make sure you place the bigger pieces on the outside and the smaller pieces at the center.

This is because, in a microwave, food on the outer edge cooks a lot faster, and the bigger pieces of chicken require that extra power of reheating so they can get done at the same time as the smaller pieces.

Step 2:

To ensure that the chicken comes out with regained moisture, it’s recommended that you cover it in some sort of liquid-based sauce or flavoring. That way, it can absorb the moisture and gain some flavor at the same time.

You could cover it in something such as teriyaki or barbecue sauce.

Step 3:

Place a piece of microwave-safe plastic over the dish or plate to cover the piece or pieces of chicken.

Make sure that the plastic doesn’t actually tough the chicken, as it could melt onto it and leave it full of nasty chemicals that you don’t want to eat.

Step 4:

Reheat the chicken for around two to three minutes.

Stop the microwave, turn the piece or pieces of chicken over onto their other side, and stir the sauce to be properly absorbed.
Then reheat the chicken again for another two to three minutes.

Ensure that the inside of the chicken reaches a temperature of 165F for safe consumption, as recommended by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Step 5:

Enjoy your reheated chicken!

Pro Tip:

You can vary the microwaving time according to how big or thick the chicken pieces are. The bigger and thicker they are, the longer it will take for them to reach the optimal temperature.

You can test it out and stick it in the microwave for an extra minute as many times as needed.


A lot of people dread having leftover chicken, as it never tastes as nice as when you eat it freshly cooked. Leftover chicken not only goes cold; it also loses its moisture and tenderness, becoming tough and dry—kind of hard to swallow after a while.

When reheating chicken, most people just stick it in the microwave or oven, without a second thought about what they can actually do to ensure the chicken is pre-heated in a way that regains some of its moisture and tenderness.

The lack of preparation or proper reheating method means you’re left with not so appetizing chicken and a tough time eating. This is why you should attempt to follow our two easy methods for reheating chicken in a way that ensures the best possible outcome, getting it as close as possible to its freshly cooked taste.

We recommend using the oven method whenever you can, but the microwave method can work just as well when you’re in a rush, as long as you follow each step carefully to ensure the regaining of moisture and flavor.

You can always add some extra seasoning after reheating to add a little extra flavor that will take your mind off the slight differences in quality!

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