Best Juicer for Celery

Best Juicer for Celery

Celery is a healthy and nutritious vegetable that can be particularly tasty when juiced into a beverage. As a tougher vegetable, it can sometimes be difficult to find a juicer that effectively juices the celery to an even consistency. For those that aren’t fussed on celery itself, using a juicer provides a tasty alternative to consuming it raw.

There tend to be two popular options when it comes to selecting the best juicer for celery, you can choose from either a masticating juicer or centrifugal juicer. If you are a little unsure of the best juicer that is going to cater to all of your juicing needs, we have done the hard work for you, browsing the market for our top five picks of the best juicers for celery. Below, you will also find a handy buyer’s guide that contains all of our top tips for selecting the best product. 

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Best Juicer for Celery – Reviews

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When it comes to finding a powerful juicer that is going to cater to all of your celery juicing needs, look no further than the Aicook slow Masticating juicer. Rotating at 80 RPM, this juicer works at faster speeds than most masticating juicers and doesn’t generate too much heat or friction.

The inclusion of a pulp separation function removes the pomace from the juice while ensuring that all of the nutritional value from your fruits and veg remains. Courtesy of the upgraded masticating technology made from PMMA material, this juicer is going to fully extract and blend your celery or other chosen ingredients.

Now when it comes to juicing, the mess that we are faced with after the process can be a little off-putting. However, this needn’t be a concern with the Aicook juicer. With less chance of the juices foaming and clogging and the construction of heavy-duty dishwasher safe parts, this machine is going to be relatively easy to clean following use. The addition of a cleaning brush also makes it easier to clean the smaller sections of the juicer. Assembling the juicer is also relatively easy and can be done with the click of a button.

  • Backed with a 3-year warranty, there is help available should you experience any issues with your product.
  • Operating with a 60 dB motor, this juicer makes very little noise when it is in use so it is unlikely to be distracting.
  • Installing and assembling this juicer is a relatively easy process.
  • Cleaning the juicer is simple and hassle-free.
  • Rotating at 80 RPM, this juicer is going to blend celery with ease capturing all of the nutritional content.
  • The top of the juicer can be a little difficult to remove after use.
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Mueller Ultra-Juicer

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With a sleek but modern stainless steel design and an impressive 1100 watts of power, the Mueller juicer boasts all of the features that are needed in a compact size for an affordable price. Impressively, you can create a 16 oz cup of your celery juice in one go.

There are two-speed options available so you can cater the settings to the fruits and vegetables that you intend on juicing. The low-speed setting runs at 12,000 to 15,000 RPM which is ideal for softer fruits and the faster setting works at 15,000 to 18,000 RPM which is going to be ideal for juicing celery as it works well with harder fruits. Impressively, this juicer has also been designed with a 3″ chute and an anti-drip function which avoids spillages and eliminates the need to chop down larger fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces beforehand

Thankfully, this juicer is easy to clean. With a BPA material free construction and a stainless steel cutting disk, this juicer works effectively to extract and filter more minerals and vitamins from your fruits and vegetables.

  • Retailing within an affordable price range, this is an ideal choice for those who are on a tight budget.
  • Backed with a 2-year warranty if you are not confident or satisfied with your purchase, there is help available.
  • The dual-speed settings allow you to select the necessary speed for juicing your celery to the desired consistency.
  • Designed with an automatic shut off function, if the juicer should happen to overheat or become jammed, the motor will turn itself off.
  • The wide chute means that there is less pre-cutting needed, particularly handy for juicing larger fruits or vegetables.
  • The settings can be particularly fast which can make it a little difficult to blend your juice to the right consistency.
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Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine

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The Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer machine is a centrifugal juicer that has an impressive 800 watts of power. This powerful motor will work with ease to create your celery juice within seconds.

Featuring a 3-inch large chute, this juicer effectively accommodates larger fruits and vegetables; celery included. For some the preparation of creating juices, having to chop each of your chosen ingredients into minute pieces can be off-putting, however, you can insert your chosen vegetables into this juicer in its full form. Courtesy of the powerful motor and stainless steel micro-mesh cutter, your vegetables will be transformed into a smooth consistency juice within seconds.

Cleaning the blender is also a relatively efficient process as a cleaning brush comes included. This allows you to access the smaller and trickier areas with ease. Each of the parts are dishwasher safe too which saves you having to do the cleaning yourself after using the juicer.

  • Packed with 800 watts of power, you can create your celery juice within seconds.
  • The 3″ feed chute accommodates larger fruits and vegetables eliminating the need for them to be cut beforehand.
  • Compactly designed, this juicer will fit onto your kitchen counters with ease consuming very little space.
  • With a cleaning brush included, you can reach those intricate and difficult to clean areas with ease.
  • Backed with a 3-year warranty there is help available should you experience any issues with your juicer.
  • Unfortunately, this juicer produces quite a lot of noise when it is in use which may be distracting for some.
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Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

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The Aobosi slow masticating juicer has 150 watts of power which is great for extracting and juicing a variety of different fruits and vegetables while maintaining its natural taste and nutritional content. 

Impressively, this juicer operates at 80 RPM, working to extract 20% more juice content and 30% more vitamin and mineral content so you can get the most out of your ingredients. When this juicer is in use, it produces less than 60 decibels of sound so it isn’t going to be distracting to those around you. Robustly designed, this juicer has been constructed from anti-abrasive heat, resistant materials so it is going to withstand frequent use particularly well.  

Cleaning this juicer is pretty easy so long as it is done immediately following use, leaving the excess ingredients inside the juicer for some time after is going to make this task a lot harder. Although each of the parts are dishwasher safe, if you do decide to clean the machine by hand there is a brush included which will allow you to clean any difficult or hard to access areas with ease.

  • This juicer features a reverse function which avoids the risk of any of your ingredients getting stuck inside the juicer.
  • When this juicer is in use it produces a low level of sound for a distraction-free environment.
  • Spinning at 80 RPM, this juicer extracts the valuable contents from your ingredients.
  • With a cleaning brush included, this juicer is relatively easy to clean.
  • Usefully, this juicer is easy to use, it simply needs to be set up and then you can begin making your celery juice.
  • The juicer and the chute are a little small so larger ingredients, in particular, will need to be cut into smaller pieces beforehand.
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Omega MM MM900HDS Low Speed Masticating Celery Juicer

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This cold press medical medium masticating juicer by Omega is a perfect choice for celery juice in particular. The process of cold juicing brings many benefits, providing you with enzymes and antioxidants that are full of nutrients that work to boost your immunity and overall health.

With a dual-stage masticating extraction feature you can get the best from your ingredients and this will ensure that you are consuming the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients through a delicious tasting juice. This is a perfect choice for creating celery juice as there is a specific celery end cap attachment included which allows you to extract the maximum nutritional output from your celery. There is also another attachable cap that is suitable for any other vegetables that you may choose to juice. Although this juicer is equipped with a powerful motor it produces a small amount of noise for minimal distractions when it is in use.

Cleaning the juicer is a relatively hassle-free process and can be done with the help of the pulp ejection feature which increases the output of your juice but makes the excess easier to remove from the juicer itself.

  • This juicer is favored by many medical mediums for its ability to extract the juice out of celery.
  • The low speed of 80 RPM eliminates heat build-up and oxidation whilst creating juice that can last around 72 hours without degrading or separating.
  • Courtesy of the large chute, you don’t have to cut the bigger vegetables into smaller pieces beforehand.
  • Impressively, this juicer contains attachments that are specifically intended for juicing celery to achieve the maximum juice output.
  • The built-in handle makes this juicer super easy to carry and transport when necessary.
  • This juicer is more expensive than our previous picks possibly making it an unsuitable choice for those who are on a budget.
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Best Juicer for Celery – Buyers Guide

Before purchasing your juicer there are several features that you will need to consider as this will ensure that you select the best product for your needs. When it comes to juicing celery, a specific type of juicer to ensure that your juice is blended thoroughly to an appealing consistency.

We have listed some criteria below that we would recommend you considering as this will ensure that you select the best juicer for your needs.

The Type of Juicer

When it comes to juicing celery, there are two main types of juicers to choose from a masticating juicer or a centrifugal juicer and the difference applies to the way that each of the items works. A centrifugal juicer uses centrifugal force to spin your ingredients together very fast. However, a masticating juicer uses a slow turning process and alters between grinding and pressing the ingredients against the screen of the juicer to create cold-pressed juice. Both juicers work very well when it comes to creating celery juice, however, it is likely that you will get the most nutritional value in your juices when using a masticating juicer.


Of course, one of the most off-putting things about using a juicer can be the cleaning that you are faced with afterward. While the process of using a juicer itself can be a rather enjoyable experience, for others the thought of cleaning a dirty blender can be rather off-putting. Ideally, a juicer should be easy to take apart to clean each of the parts. Some may even include cleaning brushes which make it easier to access the intricate and difficult to reach areas of the juicer.

The Speed Settings

Some juicers will be designed with variable speed settings and this allows you to select the setting that is best suited to the vegetables that you are intending to juice. For celery in particular, as a tougher and harder vegetable, you are likely to need a higher setting that is going to juice and break it down easily.

The Price

Juicers can retail at varying price points and this can often differ depending on the brand and its capacity to create and juice together a range of ingredients. While more expensive juicers may be a little off-putting for some, there are several affordable options available that cater to the budgets of different individuals. If you don’t want to go breaking the bank on an expensive juicer do not be put off as there are many affordable options available. We have included a range of examples in our guide above, each retailing at varying prices to highlight the variety that is available to you.

The Efficiency

Of course, a juicer needs to be efficient to juice your celery together to create the best juice. As celery is a tougher vegetable you are going to need a juicer that has all of the power to juice each of these ingredients with ease. If you are faced with a dry pulp following juicing then this is a good sign that your juicer has squeezed the maximum amount of contents and juice from your ingredients. However, if the pulp is wet following the use, this is an indicator that the juicer didn’t do a very good job in extracting the maximum contents from your ingredients.

The Chute

The chute is the section of the juicer where your ingredients are inserted before being juiced together. The size of the chute that you require is going to depend on the types of fruits and vegetables that you are likely to be using. A smaller chute may fulfill your needs if you are going to be using smaller fruits or vegetables, or if you don’t mind chopping your fruits and veg into smaller pieces beforehand. However, a wider chute takes a lot of the hassle out of the preparation that is needed before making your juice. Accommodating large-sized fruits and vegetables so that they can be inserted straight into the juicer without needing to be chopped up beforehand. This is particularly useful when it comes to juicing celery.

The Noise Output

Loud juicers can be particularly off-putting creating a distraction for those around them. If the noise of your juicer is likely to be an issue, it is important to pay attention to the specifications that state how noisy your juicer is going to be. Some will be quieter than others producing lower levels of noise for a distraction-free environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it better to juice celery?

Celery juice brings several health benefits. Not only does it help us to digest faster by restoring hyaluronic acid and activating our gut, but it also helps to break down our food by raising our stomach acid. Celery can also help to improve how our digestive tract functions. Celery itself is enriched with calcium, silicon, and vitamin K and so the consumption of this vegetable can help to strengthen bones. In some cases, celery can also help to fight
infections too.

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